At the beginning of our first century and in memory of our dear grandmother, we
reopened her old grimoires where, for so long, all her recipes had been buried.
Proud of our roots and of our origins as perfume growers, we return to this time
where products were created in harmony with nature, the earth, the flora and the
human being!
Today, we affirm our values of savoir-vivre, know-how and environment. For a
long time in a process of sustainable development, Lothantique goes a little further
and offers products respectful of man and nature…

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Hand cream - Lothantique

Hand cream

Hand creams

Eau de Cologne - Lothantique

Eau de Cologne

Eaux de Toilette

Soap flakes - Lothantique

Soap flakes


Body wash - Lothantique

Body wash

Body wash 200 ml

Solid shampoo - Lothantique

Solid shampoo

Solid shampoos