Know-how, the savoir-vivre and the environment. It is for this reason that the products are formulated with care, in search of efficiency, safety, and pleasure. Packaging recyclable materials, waste hunting, respect for nature and animals, we are here in a world and take care of it! 

Undertaking n°1 :

          Products made in France, mostly in Provence.

Undertaking n°2 :

          Fragrances specially created for us by our perfumers in Grasse and created to ensure the lowest presence of allergens.

Undertaking n°3 :

          Selected ingredients.

Undertaking n°4 :

          Cosmetic products formulated with NO parabens (since 2006), phenoxyethanol, PEG, mineral oils, silicone, EDTA,....

Undertaking n°5 :

          Natural and/or organic ingredients preferred, listed on the packaging.

Undertaking n°6 :

          Indication sur les étuis et étiquettes de la DDM (date de durabilité minimale) ou du pot ouvert (période pendant laquelle le produit se conserve après ouverture)

Undertaking n°7 :

          Finished products not tested on animals.

Undertaking n°8 :

          Environmentally sensitive approach: all packaging can be recycled, recylcled paper used, local suppliers preference for minimze carbon footprint, etc...

Undertaking n°9 :

          Adhesion to Eco-emballage