How to apply your hand cream?


How to apply your hand cream? Adivces, explanations and tips:

In our beauty routine we often think about taking care of our skin through body or face care, but we may tend to forget about our hands. And yet, just like the feet, it is important to pamper them to preserve a good quality of skin and softness.

Our hands are the part of our body most exposed to external aggressions (cold, bacteria, etc.) and all the more so with the appearance of covid and frequent hand washing with hydroalcoholic gel.

Depending on the seasons, our daily activities and the sensitivity of our skin, our hands tend to become dry, rough and sometimes even chapped. It is therefore important to moisturize them well.
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Apply its hand cream

It is not always practical to apply your cream on your hands when you are busy doing something else. We often lack patience to wait for it to penetrate in order to be able to manipulate objects again.

Our little care tip is to apply your cream during the day only on the back of your hands. The palm being the part least prone to aggression, it is not necessary to moisturize it as regularly as the rest of the hand. To do this, simply put a small hazelnut on the top of your hand and spread it with the back of your other hand.

For a more intense hydration, we advise you to apply your cream in the evening, watching a film or before going to bed.

Place a dab of cream on all your hands, not forgetting the fingertips and around your nails. Massage your hands with circular movements, the cream will penetrate deeply. Your skin will be soft and hydrated.

Which hand cream to choose?

At Lothantique we have developed moisturizing and nourishing hand creams. Our range consists of 6 products with various scents to allow you to choose the one that suits you best. If you have very dry hands opt for our creams rich in shea butter and apply it as soon as necessary.

Moisturizing, restorative, the hand cream nourishes your skin and penetrates gently. With the cold of the winter season it is important to take care of your hands, face and body with quality care.

Lothantique hand creams

Our 6 hand creams with a thick but non-greasy texture are very rich in organic shea butter. Ideal for dry hands with damaged skin or as a moisturizing product (hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis) for daily use.

Lothantique carefully selects natural products and sweet scents to offer you the best. Our hand creams contain 20% organic shea butter for a restorative and nourishing solution at the same time.

Its 30ml size makes it easy to slip your hand cream in your bag, your toiletry bag or your desk drawer to always have it at hand!

To learn more about our range of hand creams, we invite you to visit the pages of our various products. Available in 6 scents, you will only have to choose the perfume that suits you:

White tea
Donkey's milk
Sweet Almond
Orange Blossom
Tiara Flower
Cherry Blossom