Why and how to use our organic soap flakes?


Why and how to use our organic soap flakes?

First of all, soap flakes are an economical solution, in fact, by using the quantities indicated in our recipe for machine washing you can make up to 17.5L of detergent with a single bag.

Our verbena scented organic soaps flakes are recommended for washing delicate laundry. Diluted in hot water, they become an alternative to conventional laundry. Equally effective, the flakes can be used to make a home-made multi-purpose spray to overcome stubborn tasks. Thanks to their organic and natural fragrance, the laundry keeps a good smell of verbena by drying.

Here are our two recipes for making your home laundry using our soap flakes:

Hand washing:
Dissolve 20g of flakes in one liter of boiled water. Stir well, then add an additional liter of hot water to the mixture.

Machine wash:
Dilute 20g of the flakes in 1/2 liter of boiled water. Stir, then add another ½ liter of hot water. Pour the liquid into the appropriate compartment. Soap flakes are more concentrated, so to avoid excessive foam, you can use a lower dose of laundry detergent than usual (about 100ml).


-To soften your laundry and simultaneously descale yourwashing machine, add a cup of white vinegar into thesoftener compartment.
-To revive the whiteness of your laundry, add 2 teaspoons of Sodium Percarbonate.
-You can also prepare youlaundry detergent inadvance and store it in aglass jar.
For more information, we let you watch our explanatory video: