Why and how to use our solid shampoos?

Giving up your liquid shampoo in favor of a solid shampoo offers multiple advantages.
Here are a few:

Natural shampoo and zero waste:

To respect your hair, our solid shampoo is without controversial substances, its gentle composition without neutral ph nourishes and protects your hair after each wash.
In addition, every year several tons of plastic containers are thrown away and contribute to the pollution of the planet. Thanks to its biosourced kraft packaging, this product is 100% recyclable and ecofriendly, thus avoiding waste.


Practical and economical:

Lightweight, space-saving and without risk of leakage, the solid shampoo is ideal to accompany you in your travels. It fits easily in toiletries and is not confiscated in case of baggage screening at the airport.
Did you know that a 75g solid shampoo bread is equivalent to a bottle of liquid shampoo? Indeed, to perform its washing, a small amount of product is enough to properly lather the hair.

Easy to use:

Our solid shampoo is used as a soap: to make it foam, rub it between your hands or directly on your lengths previously moistened. Massage lightly, then rinse.
Your hair will be clean, soft and lightly scented!