FAQ : frequently asked questions



  • How long does delivery take?

Once processed, your order is delivered to La Poste. The average waiting time* is approximately one week between order processing and delivery. As this period may be extended by La Poste, we are in no way responsible for delays in delivery.

*Average time outside of year-end periods and annual closures.

  • What are the prices and delivery methods?

Delivery of the order is carried out by the Colissimo Post Office.

For an order with an amount less than 45€, the delivery price is calculated according to the current rate scale and the weight of each product ordered. Above 45€, shipping costs are offered.

For a "Call and collect" delivery, you can contact Customer Service directly at +33(0) or by email at boutique@lothantique.com.

  • How can I track my parcel?

Once your order has been processed, an email confirming that the order has been sent will be sent to you as soon as it is taken over by La Poste with a follow-up link.


  • Can I be delivered abroad?

It is currently not possible to get delivery abroad, however, we are working to make this possible very soon, we will keep you informed.

However, you can send an email to boutique@lothantique.com with the list of products you want to order and your full address. We will tell you if delivery is possible and at what cost.


  • I have a delivery problem, what can I do?

We advise you to contact the Customer Service directly on +33(0) or by email at boutique@lothantique.com.



  • What if my order arrives damaged?

    When delivering your order, please check with the carrier that the products are in good condition and that they have not suffered any damage during transport. However, it is normal for the shipping carton to show signs of wear. If your order arrives damaged, we advise you to contact the Customer Service directly on +33 (0) or by email at boutique@lothantique.com.

    We reserve the right to refuse a defective return if it is related to improper use of the product.


  • Can I order by phone?

You have the possibility to order by phone for this, you just have to follow these three steps:

  • I find the products that interest me on the website.
  • I order by phone and make an appointment for the withdrawal. Or, I give my postal address: the cost of transportation will be calculated according to the current rate schedule of La Poste and according to the weight of the parcel.
  • I come to pick up my parcel and I pay my order/ I pay my order by cheque and receive it at home.

Where? Lothantique – 7 Espace Saint-Pierre, 04310 Peyruis.

  • Pick up at the reception from Monday to Friday


  • Can I have a gift wrap?

During the validation of your order you have the possibility to choose if you want a gift packaging for your order.


  • What is the difference between billing address and delivery address?

    The billing address represents the identity and contact information of the person placing the order.

    The delivery address represents the identity and contact information of the person who will receive the order.

    The billing address is therefore optional, it must be completed only if you wish to have it delivered to another address (place of work, gift, secondary residence).


  • Is it possible to add details about my order?

    During the validation of your order you will have the possibility to fill in any details to give us regarding the order: personalized messages, special requests, additional information about the delivery.




  • What payment methods are allowed?

    During the validation stage of the order several methods of payment will be proposed to you: CB, Visa, Mastercard, Paylib and cheque.


  • Can I pay by cheque?

    After validating your order, when choosing your payment you will have the option «payment by cheque», the order and the address will be indicated to you.



Returns and Refunds

  • How to make a return?

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 14 days to return your order. Simply contact our customer service at boutique@lothantique.com or +33(0)492686031 who will send you a prepaid return label by email or mail. Upon receipt of the refund and if it meets the conditions for return, we will make the refund.


  • Can I get a refund?

For all refund requests, contact our Customer Service at +33 (0)492686031 or by email at boutique@lothantique.com.





  • Where are our products made?

Our products are made in France, we promote short circuit work in collaboration with local suppliers.


  • Are the products natural?

    We are committed to rigorously selecting all the ingredients that make up our products in a way that respects men and environment. We favor organic or natural origins indicated in the ingredients list or highlighted on the product packaging.


  • Are the products cruelty free?

    Since 2013, the sale of cosmetics tested on animals has been banned within Europe. In accordance with the laws in force and in accordance with our convictions, our products are not tested on animals.



  • Do the products contain allergens?

All our fragrances are created especially for Lothantique by our perfumers in Grasse and are formulated to minimize the presence of allergens.



  • Are packagings recyclable?

Lothantique has adopted a sustainable development approach to preserve the resources of our planet. All our packaging is therefore recyclable and we are member of Eco-emballage, a French organization whose main goal is to reduce the impact of packaging on the environment.


  • How do I know what the products smell like?

The fragrance is indicated on all product pages. We try to describe it best thanks to the olfactory pyramid that corresponds to the structure of the perfume.

It consists of a top note, which is the first that we feel when we vaporize the perfume; a heart note, which unfolds for several hours and constitutes the smell of a perfume and finally a background note, which will take longer to evaporate but will make the signature of the perfume by staying on the clothes for example.

  • I can't find a product/ collection, what can I do?

To propose you novelties, we create ephemeral collections every year present in the catalog for a season. Once passed, the collections are no longer marketed on our website. However, Outlet products are offered during sales and other promotional periods. If you want to find a range, a product or a scent that no longer exists on our site, you can call +33 (0) or send an email to boutique@lothantique.com. We will be happy to advise you to find a collection that is close to it.

  • What should I do in case of an emergency related to the use of our products?

If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the package or label. In case of an emergency, we invite you to contact the poison control center closest to you, the list of which is available at http://www.centres-antipoison.net/

You can also leave a message at the following address: reglementation@lothantique.com, we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

  • The product I want to order is temporarily out of stock, will it be back in stock?

    If the product is listed as a momentary break, then it is being replenished. For more information, please contact our Customer Service at +33 (0) or boutique@lothantique.com.



My account

  • How do I create an account?
To create an account you have two possibilities:

1st possibility on the homepage:
-Click on the "My Account" icon available at the top right of the site.
-A "User Account" window will appear, click on Register.
-Fill in their contact information.

2nd possibility during the validation stage:
-After validating your shopping bag, click on "Step 2: Contact Information"
-Fill in your email and password in the "Create an account" section
-Follow the instructions given by the site


  • How do I close my account?

All data relating to you, including your account, may be deleted upon request by calling +33 (0) or by email boutique@lothantique.com


  • I forgot my password, what can I do?

    -Click on the "My Account" icon at the top right of the site.

    -A "User Account" window appears, click on "I forgot my password".

    -Follow the instructions given by the site.


  • Can I change my account information?

- Log in to your account by clicking on the "My Account" icon available at the top right of the site.

- Click on "Edit my contact information".

- Follow the instructions given on the site.

You can also change them after you have validated your cart, during the «contact» step.

  • How do I subscribe to the newsletter?

    To subscribe to the newsletter, click on the button «subscribe to the newsletter» on our website.


  • How to unsubscribe from the newsletter?

    Under each newsletter, an unsubscribe link is indicated. Simply click on it.


  • How do I use a discount code?

    Click on the Shopping bag icon at the top right of the site, under the summary of your order fill in the insert «Use a coupon» with the discount code you have, correctly spelled. An information message is displayed if it has been successfully applied.


  • Why create an account?

    Your shopping is simplified you will order more easily thanks to the storage of your personal information.