The right gestures to wear perfume

To wear perfume may seem simple at first sight, however, the art of perfume is not so obvious. Lothantique reveals its secrets to you.

First of all, your perfume usually contributes to the first impression others have of you. Some perfumes assert character, others more sweetness ... It is therefore important to find the perfume that suits you, but also to know how to perfume so that the smell differs but does not become too heady. It is therefore necessary to find the right dosage so that your perfume is perceptible at the olfactory level without being too powerful. Some people are faithful to their perfume while others like to change it according to their moods, depending on the occasion and seasonality.

Choose the right perfume for you

Choosing your perfume can sometimes be tricky, as it must match your character and personality. We therefore advise you to test several perfumes with different notes to know which fragrance to go for.

Small tips: your nose can quickly find itself "saturated" by perfumes. We advise you to take time in your research by spacing the tests and limiting yourself to 4 or 5 samples. If you have the possibility, smell some coffee between each perfume, the latter has the ability to "rinse your nose" and thus reset your smell before you can move on to new scents. In the store, do not hesitate to keep samples that you like the most, you can also perfume your skin to see how the perfume evolves during the day.

On which part of the body to perfume?

Do you know why we were always taught to perfume our necks? Simply because it is one of the hot spots in our body. Indeed, the skin in this place is more conducive to welcoming your perfume and prolonging its fragrance. Among these hot spots, we find in addition to the neck, the wrists, the nape of the neck, the neckline or even the ears.

It is not necessary to deposit your fragrance on all these points. Indeed, only two are enough to enjoy your perfume all day long.

Thus, you can perfume your neck and hair so that the fragrance diffuses to each of your movements.

In summer, it is not recommended to perfume the body, the Eau de Toilette will tend to vent more easily, in reaction to the sun, the skin can discolour and then form small spots. Finally, when you perfume your clothes, it is best to prefer natural fabrics like cotton because synthetic fibres can tend to modify certain notes.

Some amateurs also like to spray perfume in front of you to create a «cloud». Once created you just have to go inside so that your body, your hair, your clothes are uniformly impregnated with your fragrance. It is a delicate way to perfume completely without overdoing it.

The right dose of perfume

Wearing perfume is pleasant for yourself and for others, but be careful not to overdo it. A too heady scent can quickly embarrass your entourage: the ideal dose is never more than 3 sprays on your skin. Over the course of the day, you will tend to feel less of your perfume on you because your nose will get used to it. However, your entourage will probably feel it as much!
You must also take into account the nature of your perfume. A eau de toilette will be less intense than a eau de parfum. Thus, the number of sprays varies, you will have less trouble finding the right balance with a softer and less aggressive smell.

The right moment to perfume

The ideal time to perfume is after the shower so that the still moist body soaks up the scent. As the day progresses, it is possible that the smell is hidden, we advise you to carry your bottle in your bag to give a small dose. You can also, allow yourself a more intense spray, in the evening, before going out.



How to prolong your perfume over time?

It is quite possible to keep your perfume to extend it over time. The secret is simply to keep it away from the light, because the sun's rays can alter your perfume, the same is true when your bottle is subjected to high temperatures.

Therefore, to preserve it, the ideal is a cool and dry place, we advise you to keep your perfume in its original packaging and place it in a cool and dry place.