How to extend the life of a candle?

Lighting a candle allows you to perfume a room while allowing yourself a peaceful moment. The candles bring a warm touch to an interior and lead to pleasant moments of relaxation. They are very popular especially during the winter seasons. When you love a candle, you want to make it last in time. It is therefore legitimate to ask how to extend the life of a candle and delay its melting.

So there are a few tips to keep your favorite candle longer, in this article, Lothantique gives you the secrets!

The main combustion factors:

The combustion of a candle is related to three factors which can vary depending on the candles:
  • Its quality and especially that of its wax and wick. At Lothantique, we use a mineral wax specially developed to restore the best of the fragrance, our wicks are also made of cotton (100%). Composed of natural fibres, they have the advantage of being environmentally friendly and, unlike synthetic wicks, they are also, not harmful to health, during combustion. In addition, our candles are highly appreciated for their delicate scents and original designs. They are made in France and their raw materials are carefully selected.
  • Its weight: this factor is rather logical, indeed, the larger/heavier a candle is and the more wax it contains which, therefore, allows it to last longer.
  • How it is used: This is where you come in, because how you use your candle will play a role in its lifetime. But don't panic, we give you all our secrets and all the right reflexes, to preserve your candle in time.

Burn your candle for 1 hour during the first use.

It is important to let your candle burn for at least one hour for its first use. Indeed, this allows a regular combustion, because the upper wax layer will melt homogeneously. Make sure that the surface of the melted wax is flat and well liquid, before extinguishing your candle. At Lothantique, to prevent our candles from digging, we make sure to adapt the number or diameter of the wick according to the size of the pot, so that the combustion is done uniformly.
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Avoid placing your candle in a draft.

The drafts will first weaken the scent of your candle, which is not at all the desired effect. In addition, the draft will make the flame more lively and thus accelerate the combustion! Avoid placing your candle in front of a door or window. We advise you, for example, to place it on a piece of furniture in your living room, like a coffee table. Thus, you and your guests will be able to fully enjoy its fragrance and its decorative aspect. Be careful, however, not to place the candle on a plastic or heat-resistant surface

Maintain the wick of your candle

If you want to keep your candle as long as possible, here is the most important technique. Simply maintain the wick by cutting it after each use. It should measure less than a centimeter above the wax. In fact, the larger the flame, the faster the candle will be consumed. Cutting off the wick thus diminishes the flame. Always remember to center your wick to avoid unsightly black traces on the wax and container.

With these tips, you now know how to extend the life of your candle! Unfortunately, all good things come to an end… or not? How about bringing your candle back to life? In a future article, you will discover all our tips for recycling pots.