What product for which room?

Home fragrances bring a sensory signature and contribute to embellish
your home, as much as the decoration. By playing with the olfactory
universes, you can thus completely transform the atmosphere of a room.
There is nothing more pleasant than a warm and delicious scent that
welcome you home. However, many products exist to perfume
the house, here are some tips to choose your support diffusion
according to the pieces to perfume...
Living room

Living room

If you are looking for a scented as well as aesthetic support, the fragrance diffusers are made for you. Indeed, their design is perfect in a living room and brings the final touch in terms of decoration.



For this piece, we naturally recommend the candles of the
«La Bonne Cuisine» collection, with gourmet fragrances, they are ideal
to whet your appetite!
Also, to chase away some unpleasant cooking smells, the perfume
atmosphere will be your ally to find a little freshness after having


For the room, the pillow mist allows to establish a real ritual well-being and
soothing at bedtime. Spray a few sprays on your sheets and
pillows, before airing your room. Choose soft and soothing fragrances
like lavender or orange blossom, which promote sleep.
For a relaxing and comforting moment, we advise you to opt for a
candle. Its brightness can be perfect to create a cosy and subdued atmosphere.
What could be better than a moment of reading to the rhythm of the flame?
To take care of your freshly washed laundry, you can also place
a scented envelop in your wardrobe.


To make your bathroom looks like a spa, choose the fragrance diffuser,
it is the ideal solution to perfume this room in all simplicity because they diffuse
their fragrances continuously.
Before taking a bath, you can also light a candle to create a
zen and intimate atmosphere in the room. To fully enjoy its
fragrance, use bath salts from the same collection.
Relaxing moment guaranteed!