About us

Our story began in the 1920's in the town of Châteauneuf Val Saint Donat, which lies at the foot of the lavender covered Lure Montain...

... it was there that our Grandmother Joséphine created The Mouranchon Brothers Co, a distillery of aromatic plants. Nestor, the great-uncle, settles as a perfumer in Paris...  Gradually, products based on essential oils are supplemented by lavender in canvas bags, soaps and eaux de toilette.


     In 1987, Joséphine's grandchildren, Domy et Denis Vogade re-launched the family business. LOTHANTIQUE was born...


     Dynamism and know-how made success and soon the company created a subsidiary in 1998 in the United States, LOTHANTIQUE INC.


   At the turn of the century, LOTHANTIQUE moved into its new premises in Peyruis. Strong of its history, it defends a philosophy where the past is crossed again by the modernity. No generation conflict, but a development of authentic know-how with today's technologies.


     In this company of thirty employees, we respect the know-how, the savoir-vivre and the environment. It is for this reason that the products are formulated with care, in search of efficiency, safety, and pleasure. Packaging recyclable materials, waste hunting, respect for nature and animals, we are here in a world and take care of it! 

    2015, the year of change ... Lothantique signed two licenses with:
- The heirs of Marcel Pagnol
  Since its establishment, Lothantique has been steeped in Pagnol/s word. today, the association is obbious. A he has so truly written "les lothantiques sont des plantes qui ne poussent que dans les livres" and today through our expertise.


- Miller et Bertaux perfumes
 Behind the names of Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux, a brand of exploration ...
The eclectic nature of their vision, and trips is translated to their perfume.