Verbena, a plant with a thousand and one virtues

In cosmetics, grandmother's medicine, herbal tea or cooking, verbena has many properties. What is its history? How is it used? What are the benefits? In this article, Lothantique tells you all about this plant with many virtues...

The different types of verbena

Before revealing the many secrets of verbena, let's take a look at the different types. There are 3 in total, here thet are:
  • Wild verbena: of the three, it is the least known verbena. It has the fewest virtues and is used mainly as ingredients for liqueurs or strong alcohols. Only fine connoisseurs manage to differentiate it thanks to its darker green color than the others and its longer leaves.
  • Verbena officinalis: formerly called «sacred grass» or «witch's grass», this last one has a very special story. In ancient Greece, it embodies purity, grace, beauty but also courage, peace and abundance. A lot of legends are going around about it. In addition to being used as the main ingredient in love potions, rubbing your throat with its leaves will make you irresistible. Or, if a question bothers you, write it on a leaf of fresh verbena and if it flies away, the answer to your question is negative. But apart from its ancestral beliefs, the verbena officinalis would be known to be effective in treatment against rheumatism and injuries. It would help relieve cramps, fight digestive disorders, help sleep and reduce stress. However, it has no skin benefits unlike its cousin the lemon verbena.
  • Lemon verbena, or fragrant verbena: originally used as a medicinal plant, lemon verbena, also called fragrant verbena, arrived in Europe in 1767. Widely used in cooking, herbal tea or liqueur, its leaves are fragrant and can be used to flavour certain culinary preparations. Often mistaken for verbena officinalis, the lemon verbena is much more fragrant. Today, it has become a flagship ingredient in cosmetics and perfumery

Verbena, in tisanes, in cooking, in cosmetics, in home fragrances…

As we have just discovered, lemon verbena is the one with the most virtues. You can use it in different ways:
  • In herbal tea or in the kitchen: with its lemony taste, fragrant verbena helps soothe heaviness in the stomach, nausea... It improves digestion, actively fights against stress and anxiety. And what is felt inside is seen outside. Indeed, even ingested verbena improves your skin quality and your complexion.
  • In cosmetics: improves skin problems with its healing, calming, bactericidal, firming active ingredient. It also fights cellulite. It can be used in shower gel or shampoo to soothe the leathery hair (reduces dandruff and the itching sensation) and revitalize it, which increases the shine of the hair and its liveliness.
  • Olfactory journey: whether in candle, spray, pillow mist, eau de cologne or even essential oil, its smell is relaxing and soothing, which provides a calm and refreshing atmosphere.

Verbena and Lothantique

At Lothantique we attach great importance to the choice of natural products to make our scents. The smell of verbena is delicate and fresh, it is an ideal ingredient to perfume an interior.

With the help of our perfumers in Grasse, we have designed a range dedicated to this plant that we love so much.

Between the atmosphere perfume, the scented candle, the fragrance diffuser or the pillow mist, let yourself be transported in a beautiful universe of well-being.

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