How to use our fragrance diffusers?

Both aesthetic and fragrant, the fragrance diffusers are the ideal solution to decorate and perfume your home without effort! Lothantique gives you all its advice to use this product...

To start, place the reeds into the bottle, the fragrance seeps up through the wood and fills each space with its own signature fragrance.

You can increase or decrease the diffusion by playing with the number of rattans, depending on, the size of the room to perfume and the desired intensity. However, be careful not to saturate the air with perfume at the risk of getting an overpowering effect.

2 to 3 sticks, to obtain a low intensity

4 to 6 sticks, to obtain a medium intensity

7 to 9 sticks, to obtain a high intensity

Ecological tip: Once all the liquid has evaporated, Lothantique proposes fragrance refills to enjoy your favorite smell as often as you want.

For a better diffusion, we advice to also replace rattan sticks…