How to recycle your candle jar?


DIY* workshop: Recyclle your candle jar

In our garden one summer evening, during a dinner with friends or under a plaid on a winter Sunday, the candles make us capsize. From the essential vanilla, to the spicier smells, to the fruity aromas, there is something for everyone. And of course, at Lothantique, we opt for natural candles!

But once your candle is consumed, what should I do with this glass jar? It would be a shame to throw it away! If you don't have the ideas to recycle it, we're here to help. Here are our tips to reproduce yourself, easily and quickly at home.

*DIY : do it yourself




Step 1 : wash the jar

To start, there is usually wax left at the bottom of your candle pots. You can throw it directly into your household garbage, for this you just have to put the pot to heat in the bain-marie to melt the wax, it will be so, easier to clean, scraping the remains of wax with a small spoon.

To heat your candle, be careful not to use your microwave, indeed, the wicks have a metal base, which could damage your device. If your candle jar has a label and you want to remove it, we advise you to soak the container in hot water and rub. If the label or glue is resistant, do not hesitate to use olive oil or acetone.

Then remove the strand(s) and wash your jar by hand or dishwasher depending on the material. Now you have a clean, reusable candle pot!

Give your candle jar a second life with our DIY workshop

Once your candle pot is clean and dry, let be inspired by your imagination to recycle it! Here are a few examples:

A simple and practical first idea is to store your pens, pencils or makeup brushes. This will give an aesthetic and personalized side to your office storage or makeup. You are free to repaint your candle pot, add seeds, sand or pearls to stabilize its contents or decorate it with ribbons to make a real decorative object at a lower cost.

To stay in the theme of storage, you can also have fun storing your cotton rods, elastics, nail polish… Be sure to clean the pots regularly, to avoid dust.

If you have candles with lids, you can reuse them by storing sweets, spices, herbs or any other ingredients for cooking. The pots will keep their contents safe. You can customize the containers by adding a label, this will allow you to organize your kitchen while decorating it.

Pot for plants Pot for plants
Candy jar Candy jar
Pencil jar Pencil jar
Another tip for those with a green thumb: it is possible to completely transform your candle pot by growing a succulent or a small cactus; a good idea to easily bring a few touches of greenery into the house. For the garden, you can even try to sow seeds.

It is also possible to paint your candle pot, customize it according to your desires or integrate lights to create a pretty little lantern!

Nothing simpler after all! It's your turn!

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