Our undertaking


Savoir-faire, know-how and environment are the values ot the company today. Thus, in line with the desire to respect man, nature and animals, Lothantique products are fomulated with a concern for efficiency, safety and pleasure, and packaged in recyclable materials.


Undertaking n°1:

 Products made in France, mostly in Provence.

Undertaking n°2:

Fragrances specially created for us by our perfumers in Grasse and created to ensure the lowest presence of allergens.

Undertaking n°3:

Selected ingredients

Undertaking n°4:

Cosmetic products formulated with no parabens (since 2006), phenoxyethanol, PEG, silicone, ...


Undertaking n°5:

Natural and/or organic ingredients preferred, listed on the packaging.

Undertaking n°6:

Edition of a list of not allowed ingredients such as parabens, sodium laureth sulfate,...

Undertaking n°7:

Sell by date indicated on packaging elements


Undertaking n°8:

Products non tested on animals.

Undertaking n°9:

Environmentally sensitive approach: all packaging can be recycled, recycled paper used, local suppliers preference for minimise carbon footprint, etc.


Undertaking n°10:

Member of Eco-emballage, a French organization whose main goal is to reduce the impact of packaging on the environment


Undertaking n°11:

Approach of support to children in the world.

The Prométhée Humanitaire association, since 1997, has been working on behalf of street children in several countries, such as Haïti, Madagascar, Senegal, Vietnam… Its mission is part of a long-term support action, providing these children with shelter, a stable and reasuring environment and an education. The association supports them in their reintegration into adulthood.

Prométhée Humanitaire has more than 170 volunteers on a daily basis and has been able to take care of nearly 1800 children during its 24 years of existence.

For more information, visit the website of the Prométhée Humanitaire association. To make a donation, it is HERE.